The Pearl of Birth

Complications of pregnancy and the neonatal period

Approximately 30% of all 165.000 ongoing pregnancies in the Netherlands yearly are complicated by pre-existing Pregnancy complications
maternal morbidity, congenital foetal disease or de novo pregnancy complications. Being born before the 37th week
of pregnancy is the main cause of neonatal mortality and morbidity. Therefore treatment of pregnancy complications
is aimed at prolonging pregnancy till term as long as the clinical condition of mother and child allow.

In spite of extensive scientific and clinical investigations, 10% of children is still born preterm. The main goal of The Pearl of Birth is to facilitate basal and translation research aimed at identifying the cause, diagnostic markers, prognostic markers and rational treatment for pregnancy complications that threaten the health of mother and child. To do this, body materials will be collected and combined with extensive clinical data.

The Dutch consortium for health care evaluation and research that resides within the Nederlandse vereniging voor obstetrie en gynaecologie (the NVOG consortium 2.0), will give structure to the biosampling strategy of the Pearl. The patients participating in this research will be asked permission to collect body materials of mother and child in addition to the extensive clinical data that will be captured. In this way, the Pearl will build a collection that will enable the research mentioned above. 


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Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium

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